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Naga Traditional New Year Festival 2009


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  Yangon – Mandalay – Lahae



About 100,00 live in Sagain Division north of the Chin State and many more in nearby Nagaland in India. Up until recently, the Naga were headhunters who took heads in battle to ensure the fertility of their fields and to safeguard their villages. Many Naga have now been Christianized, but many of their old habits are still practiced. The anthropology and history of Naga people is not very clear and there are still a number of studies being made on them. Their physical features are those of the Mongoloid, Tibeto-Burman group. Most studies and books on Naga are written in English but sometimes their contents vary from one to another, confusing readers. For example, one of Naga tribe mentioned in one book never appears in another, or sub-groups are divided differently depending on different studies. One British writer says that the Naga are related to Kachin, not Chin, while another points out that the Kuki-Chin tribe has the closest relationship with Naga than any other of the surrounding tribes. The Indian Nagas from Assam do not look like Nagas in Myanmar, but appear to physically look more like Chins in Myanmar.

The principle reasons for the Naga taking heads was to avenge a killing, appease gods and for personal glory. Often heads or other body parts were hung from trees to ‘fertilize’ the community and arrows were placed in the eyes to ward off evil spirits. Naga men generally go almost naked except for a small loincloth. Men's tattoos are a form of identity signifying his villages and tribe. Women usually go bear breasted and wear tattoos from the time they are children as a sign to the gods. Now because of Christianity and influence from other Burmese cultures, tattooing is disappearing. Even today, Nagas hunt tigers and elephants with spears and bows.

The Naga's biggest festival is the Lunar New Year on January 15th, known as Kaing Bi and is organized by Naga festival committee who chooses each year's festival location. The committee is now under the control of central government who helps them coordinate activities. All Naga tribes in Myanmar, and some in India, send delegations to this occasion making it the perfect opportunity to see variety of different Naga people in one place.

Although most people have heard about Naga tribes there are some who have see them and only a few who have been to their area. During this new year festival you will be busy shaking hands with Naga warriors wearing hats made from bear fur, wild boar tusks, hornbill feathers, and tiger claws. Some also have tiger fangs hanging from their necklaces. This expeditions involve a crossing wild pristine forests and tribal villages where civilization has almost never touched.




January 12

The Charter Flight leaves Yangon early in the morning for a short stop at Mandalay International Airport , and father to Khanti Airport . After the arrival there , Guests are transported by local mortor vehicles ( trucks / lorries ) to the Ferry on the Chindwin River . On the other side of the river lies Sinthei Village . Then move farther by 4 x 4 Off Road Pickups to Lahae , while on the way falling into a trance charmed by the panorama of Naga Mountain Ranges . Box Lunch is served at the rest station on pleasant Namsalain Stream , where Guests have a chance to enjoy rate local amenities . After dinner in Lahae , a night’s rest and further stay is arranged in the Naga indigenous huts.

January 13

After breakfast , a roam or an observation in the surrounding neighbourhood and villages can be taken by riding in a car , or an foot through one’s own arrangement . Lunch Boxes can be ordered in advance at the Reception for thar purpose . An informative video feature on Naga is entertained after dinner.

January 14

You can take part in the Naga Traditional "Ceremony of Erection of Pole" from 9:00 am to 11:00 am , and may go for a walk around the vicinity of the Festival.

January 15

After breakfast , Guests take their places on the Festival grounds to attend the traditional "Opening Ceremony of Naga New Year" , commencing at 8:30 am . In the evening , from 06:30 to 10:00 pm , Guests take pleasure in the bonfire and Naga Traditional dances while enjoying traditional food and rice wine self-help basis.

January 16

To leave Lahae at 5:00 amd and head back home after having breakfast at 4:00 am . Box Lunch is served at Khanti Ferry . And services come to an end at Khanti Airport.


USD 1,553.-



  • Guaranteed Departure with minimum 2 persons
  • 30% deposit (non-refundable) is required to guarantee your reservation within 7 days after receiving our confirmation.
  • 70% remaining balance should be settled at least 10 days before the departure date.
  • Last day of reservation - 14 days prior to Departure Date, provided if space still available.


  • Accommodation in Naga Traditional House.
  • Charter Flight, Four Wheel & Drive & Shuttle Boat. ( Deluxe transportation with extra charges )
  • Sightseeing Tours with English-speaking guide
  • Breakfast , Buffet Lunch & Dinner.


  • International Air fare
  • Visa Service
  • Airport Tax when Int’l Departure : US & 10.00 per pax
  • Personal Expenses such as camera fees, tips, laundry service, etc…
  • Additional tour 
  • Beverages

Extra (if required) : Air ticket Bangkok-Yangon-Bangkok

  • Update fare, Contact Us again.


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